Hacking our desk, old new bookshelf & vanity stool

Last weekend John and I went to Savannah, GA to celebrate my 25th birthday, and this weekend we did a lot of “housework” … yet our bedroom is still a downright mess. The biggest accomplishment was in our office… which is still nowhere near “done.” We have done what we can just re-using what we… Continue reading Hacking our desk, old new bookshelf & vanity stool

Step 3: A “fabric” Lining

Because you all are waiting with bated breath (well, maybe not), I introduce to you the vanity, completely painted, however not currently assembled, including the fabric I chose to line the drawers. In my last post, I was agonizing over what decorative paper/wrapping paper I was going to use.

Oh, the choices…

I have spent some time now searching for the PERFECT gift wrap to use for lining the drawers of my Vanity. I’m torn between different designs/styles/colors/etc. I think this is why I tend to just go with boring things, because I can never make my mind up on something. I suppose the good thing about… Continue reading Oh, the choices…

Vanity Progress

So, I have been semi-casually looking for a Vanity for my room. I happened upon this beauty on craigslist and decided to take it home. However, it was in a desperate need of paint. I was originally going to repaint it white, but I thought, you know, my room is already boring enough with a… Continue reading Vanity Progress

Bedroom Bliss?

Our second year anniversary is coming up on the 22nd of this month. For those of you who do not know, this year is cotton, so John and I are planning to get some new bed linens for our room. Which is great, because we really need it. Right now we are using some old… Continue reading Bedroom Bliss?

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Odds & Ends

Last week we purchased a pool table on clearance, which has been my husband’s dream ever since we started talking about moving into a house. We weren’t planning on purchasing one so soon, though. It just so happened that he went to the Sports Authority to figure out which table he wanted to save up… Continue reading Odds & Ends

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And, it starts… Plates

After being cooped up in our apartment for so long, we’ve neglected to make many purchases just to defer until we finally have a house, mostly because we just lacked the space. One such purchase included new dishes. Before we moved, John and I went to Homegoods and found some nice, white dishes for a… Continue reading And, it starts… Plates

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