Thanks for checking out my little corner on the web! Since you’re here, it seems like you’re a interested about the woman behind the words. My name is Rakel, pronounced “Rock-ul.” Just because a lot of people ask — it’s Norwegian for Rachel, and therefore similar to Raquel, Rochelle, etc. I’m approaching 35 much faster than I expected, but I guess that’s life for you. I’m originally from north eastern Illinois, and moved to central Florida in 2005 to be with my then boyfriend, now husband, John. Speaking of, we’ve been married now for 10 years, and I love him to absolute bits. We now have a 3 year old daughter, Annika, who is a delightfully sweet and lovely girl.

I’ve always been a very creative person and enjoy a lot of different passions and hobbies such as art, design, crafts, reading, writing, cooking, home projects, fashion, jewelry making, make-up, photography, and music. There’s not much I haven’t tried, really. I’m the creative director (and designer) at my own company, Simplicity Solutions Group. I’ve been designing and creating websites since I was about 12 years old.

I’m a devout Christian. God is a very important part of my life, especially through all of the emotional hardships I’ve struggled with. One thing that keeps me going on is knowing how much He has loved me, so much that He died for ME. That he knit me together in my mothers womb, and did NOT make any mistakes. I am important, valuable, and loved. Knowing that has given me peace and strength. And you know what? God loves YOU too.

In general, I have many different interests, and because I can barely keep up with this one blog (I’m going to try and get better about that, honest), I am not going to create a new blog for every niche — there will be a little of everything here! When I was younger I always kept a blog/personal website/journal up until I moved to Florida. I’m not exactly sure why I stopped writing, I guess I was busy becoming an adult, but I’ve always wanted to come back to it, and thus, here I am. The name of my blog was inspired by my desire for change. Novo meaning new, and elle meaning girl. I’m a new girl, seeking self-improvement and discovery.

I’m always interested in meeting new people and making friends, so if you have a comment on anything I’m saying please don’t hesitate to chime in! I’d love to hear from you. It kinda helps to know that someone is out there and I’m not just talking to a brick wall.

<3 Rakel