Step 3: A “fabric” Lining

Vanity -- Drawer lining with fabric, foam brushes and Mod PodgeBecause you all are waiting with bated breath (well, maybe not), I introduce to you the vanity, completely painted, however not currently assembled, including the fabric I chose to line the drawers. In my last post, I was agonizing over what decorative paper/wrapping paper I was going to use.

However, ultimately I decided that it was going to be faster and cheaper just to buy some fabric, and then I could use what I had left over to upholster the seat (that is, when I get around to buying a chair or stool) and to make some throw pillows for my bed that matched. So, today, I agonized over what fabric to choose, and ended up with this lovely number. I would really like to get this put together this weekend, but I came down with something and now I am not feeling well. The perfect start to the weekend as you might imagine.

I am not entirely 100% pleased with how it turned out. I mean, I love the color and the vanity, I’m just talking about the craftsmanship. I will say that I am not going to sand between coats again, all that did was nick the paint and review white spots. Even when I had a couple coats of paint on and was using very fine sandpaper. There are also some unpleasant drip marks — one which I removed, but forgot to touch up completely so I will have to fix that at some point. Right now I don’t care that much, I can always fix it later, which may mean never, but right now I am okay with that. But hey, it was my first project so I’m not surprised that it has imperfections. We’ll see how the drawer lining goes, too.

Vanity -- Painted, but not assembled Vanity -- The Chosen One Vanity -- Drawer lining equipment

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