Oh, the choices…

Drawer Liner OptionsI have spent some time now searching for the PERFECT gift wrap to use for lining the drawers of my Vanity. I’m torn between different designs/styles/colors/etc. I think this is why I tend to just go with boring things, because I can never make my mind up on something.

I suppose the good thing about this, however, is that if I get bored of what I have it’s fairly inexpensive and easy to replace. At any rate, here are a couple things I have picked out, laid on top of the progress photo to judge color.

Behind Drawer Liner #1 Behind Drawer Liner #2 Behind Drawer Liner #3
Behind Drawer Liner #4 Behind Drawer Liner #5

I really like all of these. On #1, I love the bold and simple floral color, and the colors. On #2, I really love the ornate damask pattern. On #2, I love the cascading flowers, background pattern and the colors. On #4 I really like the different texture/look and I think it matches the color perfectly, but it’s not quite the style I am going for. On #5, I just love the drawn chandeliers, but it is very trendy.

Of all of these, I am leaning towards #1 and #3, I think. But oh, the choices. Will I ever decide? Sigh. Which one would YOU choose and why? Obviously, I need some help!


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