Hacking our desk, old new bookshelf & vanity stool

Last weekend John and I went to Savannah, GA to celebrate my 25th birthday, and this weekend we did a lot of “housework” … yet our bedroom is still a downright mess. The biggest accomplishment was in our office… which is still nowhere near “done.” We have done what we can just re-using what we… Continue reading Hacking our desk, old new bookshelf & vanity stool

Step 3: A “fabric” Lining

Because you all are waiting with bated breath (well, maybe not), I introduce to you the vanity, completely painted, however not currently assembled, including the fabric I chose to line the drawers. In my last post, I was agonizing over what decorative paper/wrapping paper I was going to use.

Home Sweet Home

We moved from a 1060sqft 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment to a 1750sqft 3 bedroom 2 bath home this week. As you could imagine, we are completely ecstatic. For one, there’s a nice roomy kitchen with adequate space for all of the culinary objects I could possibly want to acquire including, of course, the ones… Continue reading Home Sweet Home