Fall/Winter Projects

Now that the weather is cooler, I can finish some projects I started over 6 months ago. I pretty much lost all of my drive during the summer and its’ sweltering heat. It’s really not much fun to sweat buckets while attempting to work on some projects in the garage. Although I am enjoying a break from the oven known as summertime in Florida, I am already really missing the daylight. By the time we get home these days the sun has already set. It’s hard to believe I ever lived up north where the winter means gray skies during the day, and 4:30pm nightfall. I am a true Floridian now.

My plan is to make some progress on my printer tray turned jewelry display, assemble the other nightstand and begin staining, and start going through and organizing all of my crap in the garage.

Printer’s Tray

I bought this tray awhile ago on Etsy. I took off the metal handle and sanded down the outside of the drawer, which was painted gray. I stained the inside an espresso black/brown to match the furniture in my room. I primed and painted the outside and middle dividers hot pink. I had a very passionate internal debate between the pink and the purple, and the pink won. I decided I’ll use the purple on another project. Basically, all I have left is another coat of paint and then seal the whole thing. After that dries, then I can drill all of the holes for the hooks with a Dremel.

Bookends & Necklace Rack

I also have some “bookends” I found at the thrift store that I have primed, and are currently waiting for a couple coats of purple paint. I think they are actually for holding a curtain rod, but I’m going to turn them upside down and use them as bookends. On the same thrift store shopping trip I also found a vintage mug rack I was planning on sanding down and staining, and hanging up in my room to hang necklaces on (brilliant, right?). I was going to try painting it pink, but I think it may cause a problem with being able to fold up after it’s painted… so I figure the stain will be safer.


I wrote in a post awhile ago about a pair of nightstands I was building from IKEA. My husband built one, and the second one has been sitting in the garage untouched. It’s time for me to break out the box, put it together, and stain/paint it. I’d love to have it in my room before Christmas.



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