Vanity Progress

So, I have been semi-casually looking for a Vanity for my room. I happened upon this beauty on craigslist and decided to take it home. However, it was in a desperate need of paint. I was originally going to repaint it white, but I thought, you know, my room is already boring enough with a chocolate bedspread, expresso furniture, black lamp, beige walls, etc, why not go for some COLOR? And so, I did. I choose Valspar’s City Chartreuse based off a drawing I have printed poster-size and hung up in our bedroom (although I am thinking about replace that with a new drawing – same colors, but new art). So far I have sanded it, primed it, and got the first 2 coats of paint on.


In a desperate need of paint

I found a brief set of instructions on Young House Love about painting furniture, and set about purchasing the supplies at Lowes. $50 poorer, I walked out of the store with bags in tow, ready to embark on a new journey. This is something I always wanted to try, but haven’t been able to accomplish. My master plan was to find an older vanity with some curve to it. I know this particular pieces is not an antique; if I had to guess, I would say it is from the 80s as it looks a lot like some bedroom furniture I used to have as a young girl. No matter, objective complete; it becomes modern enough to fit in my “Ikea bedroom” with a couple coats of bold paint.

Vanity - Before Vanity - Before
Vanity Tools Vanity Tools


Two coats down, two more to go

I am applying more thin coats versus less thicker coats to provide a smooth surface without bubbling. I was going to sand with fine paper after every coat, but I forgot and started to paint the second coat without it. However, I think I will before the next coat, because I do have some lumps/raised streaks/brush hairs I’d like to try and sand off to create a more even surface. You could definitely tell the difference between the first and second coats. However, it’s still not quite there.

Vanity Progress Vanity Progress Vanity Progress
Vanity Progress Vanity Progress


The last steps

I think it will need at least one more coat if not two. If I am crazy obsessive perfectionist then maybe five, but by then I will probably be ready to put the poly gloss varnish on it and call it a wrap. I am pretty anxious to get it in my bedroom and start using it. Aside from paint, I need to get some drawer liners, possibly some stack-able drawer organizers for my cosmetics (I was also looking into some super cool vintage train cases on eBay… WANT!), a oval wall mirror, and of course a chair/stool.

I’d like one that has an upholstered seat so I can paint the chair and then cover the cushion with some nice fabric. I’m not having much luck on Craigslist, so I might just have to head out to some thrift stores/consignment shops/etc to see what I can find. Even at Ikea, a new chair is going to run me about $50-$60 bones, which is a bit more than I wanted to spend. Looking more for a $25-$30 steal that just needs a little TLC.

I’m hoping to make more progress on it this weekend — maybe the third coat tonight, third coat tomorrow, and on Monday-Tuesday put the poly gloss varnish on. Which means, maybe I’ll have this sucker in my bedroom by Wednesday!


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