Chocolate Frosting Update

I’ve perfected my chocolate frosting recipe, which is actually better tasting theĀ  day after. When I taste-test the frosting as I’m making it, it just tastes like powdered sugar and shortening. However, the next day there is no mistaking the rich chocolate texture, taste and color.

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Odds & Ends

Last week we purchased a pool table on clearance, which has been my husband’s dream ever since we started talking about moving into a house. We weren’t planning on purchasing one so soon, though. It just so happened that he went to the Sports Authority to figure out which table he wanted to save up… Continue reading Odds & Ends

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And, it starts… Plates

After being cooped up in our apartment for so long, we’ve neglected to make many purchases just to defer until we finally have a house, mostly because we just lacked the space. One such purchase included new dishes. Before we moved, John and I went to Homegoods and found some nice, white dishes for a… Continue reading And, it starts… Plates

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Home Sweet Home

We moved from a 1060sqft 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment to a 1750sqft 3 bedroom 2 bath home this week. As you could imagine, we are completely ecstatic. For one, there’s a nice roomy kitchen with adequate space for all of the culinary objects I could possibly want to acquire including, of course, the ones… Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Buttercream Frosting

STOP! Put the jarred frosting back on the shelf. One thing that you really shouldn’t skimp out on is the frosting. Jarred frosting has a weird taste to it, and it’s super difficult to spread. If you go through the trouble of fixing up the box cake, you’ll undo all of your efforts if you… Continue reading Buttercream Frosting

The Best Boxed Cake

Growing up, my family made a lot of boxed cakes for birthdays instead of getting something from the bakery. You really can’t beat the price. However, it is painfully clear that a box cake is just not as good. This is what I do to “fix” a box cake. Please trust me on the ingredients,… Continue reading The Best Boxed Cake

Asian Turkey Sliders

This is one of my more famous recipes. Everyone loves them, and often request for me to make them or want the recipe. I hope you all enjoy them as much as my family and friends do! Obviously, you can make these regular size if you want, but the sliders are perfect for get-together’s. Fresh… Continue reading Asian Turkey Sliders

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