Happy Birthday to me!

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I have yet another gadget to add to my arsenal. My husband bought me a new white iPad 2 for my birthday and I am in love! My primary desire for having an iPad came through my iPhone. I loved not being tied to my computer once I got home from work (since I am working on a computer 8+ housr a day already), but really needed a larger screen to be comfortable. Now I can play games, email, surf the web, chat, write, draw, etc all from the couch…without a overheating computer on my lap.

Now that I’m getting used to the iPad, my iPhone is feeling terribly cramped. It’s weird to switch back and forth. I still love my iPhone, of course, for the 3G, better camera, and ultra portability (I’m not going to be lugging my wifi iPad everywhere I go), but at home and the office the iPad is awesome.

I’m still getting the hang of everything, downloading and playing with Apps. Right now I am waiting for the Jot stylus to come in so I can try out some note writing and art Apps with more precision than my fingertip. I’m sorry this is so brief… but expect to hear more from me on this subject, including more detailed app & accessory reviews.

In the meantime, I am selling some iPhone and iPad 1 cases on Zazzle with my art. Please check it out and support my shop! 🙂 Below is the exact iPhone case I use, and get a ton of compliments on.


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