A Creative Outlet?

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I wonder what creative professionals are supposed to do for a hobby, if we should even have hobbies. If we are being creative at our day jobs, is it expected that we sit numbly in front of the television instead of find some inspiration to continue the creative process outside of 9 to 5? To be honest, most of the time I spend my time outside of work trying to keep up with the house, friends, church, and all of those other details of life and rarely ever find the opportunity to really do something creative. I wish I had more motivation to do a sketch a day or something like that, but lately I have just been exhausted all of the time. And thus, this blog has been largely neglected. Not that anyone is missing it anyway.

A month ago I got my hands on a printer’s drawer that I am turning into a jewelry display to hang on my wall. So far I’ve sanded it, although it could use a little more and then clean thoroughly before I paint & stain it. I am going to stain the inside with an ebony stain, and paint the outside either a plum or magenta. I bought samples of both colors, but haven’t decided which one I’m going to use. I’ll probably test paint on some cardboard and make my decision from that. Either way I’m sure the other color will get used up. I’d like to go to some thrift stores and find little totchkey’s and picture frames I could paint and use for decorations.

My nephew is turning 2 soon, and I’m thinking about making him a simple teddy bear. He has one that he takes with him everywhere, but it’s getting a little beat-up. I had started knitting a blanket for him a few weeks before he was born, but it’s still not complete. I am knitting it into 3 panels, I have almost 2 panels complete. I’ve never knitted something that big before… and I have not been very dedicated to finishing it. My second panel does not match up to the first even though I thought I counted it, and I didn’t buy all of hte yarn from the same dye lot so it looks a little strange. It really has not turned out the way I wanted, which is partly why I have not finished it. I am thinking about doing a different color for the third panel to put in the middle, that way maybe the different dye lot on the yarn won’t be as noticeable.

Of course, there’s always a part of me that wants to write. But no matter what I start, I can never finish. I feel like that is the story of my life. I am a starter, not a finisher. *big sigh*

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