How much can you earn on Swagbucks?

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I’m sure some of you might be curious on how much you can ACTUALLY expect to earn on Swagbucks. I will have to say that your success rate will vary, but I will give you a glimpse on how I am earning.

Keep in mind that I mostly just use the search feature, and participate in the daily poll and survey visits. From time to time I will check out special offers and see if there is anything that interests me. I have a junk email that I use to sign up for all of the newsletters that get you around 30-50 swagbucks, and I’ve filled out all of the survey profiles. I think I’ve only actually done maybe 2 surveys that I actually got swagbucks for, and one of them was 100% chance to participate put on by swagbucks themselves. I also currently have 8 referrals, although some are more active than others.

That said, here is my Amazon gift card history since I joined swagbucks around the first of the year. I’d also like to point out that once you place an order in the swagbucks store, it typically takes about 2 weeks for you to get your gift card code to redeem at Amazon. That’s why I have listed two different dates.

Prize Ordered Shipped
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 02/02/10 02/16/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 02/08/10 02/16/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 03/19/10 04/29/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 04/20/10 05/02/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 04/21/10 05/02/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 05/18/10 06/01/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 06/03/10 06/17/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 06/12/10 06/17/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 06/21/10 07/01/10
$5 Amazon Gift Card – 450sb 06/28/10 07/01/10

The longer I am on swagbucks, the more often I am redeeming gift cards. So if you’re just starting, hang in there! Not a part of swagbucks yet? Sign up today!

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